The A-10A Thunderbolt II, also known as the Warthog, is a twin engine, single seat, jet aircraft. The Warthog was designed to provide close air support to ground units. The Warthog has low-altitude capabilities and is primarily used to take out tanks and other ground forces. The Warthog was the first plane designed completely for close air support. Online, it is rarely seen because of its main role of being CAS. But when the rules say no Missiles, some go to A-10 because of its High Caliber Cannon.

This aircraft is also very useful against combined ground & air invasions though, due to it's Multi Role I Pack with MultiAA and MultiAG


Class: Ground Support
Air to Air: 40%
Air to Ground: 100%
Speed: 10%
Armor: 100%
Handling: 70%
Air to Ground Specialization - Locks very fast on ground targets.
High Payload - Carries more ammunition.
Super Cannon - Equipped with a high caliber cannon.
Stable - Enters stalls slowly.


This aircraft uses:

  • Single super cannon
  • Joint Strike Missiles
  • Multi Target AG Missiles
  • Multi Target AA Missiles
  • Free Fall Bombs
  • Cluster Bombs
  • Flares

Weapon PacksEdit

  • Ground Assault II - 160 Joint Strikes Missiles, 60 Cluster Bombs, 160 Rocket Pod unit, 7 Flares
  • Multi-Role I - 160 Joint Strike Missiles, 44 Multi Target AA Missiles, 44 Multi Target AG Missiles, 8 Flares
  • Ground Assault III - 160 Joint Strikes Missiles, 36 Multi Target AG Missiles, 160 Rocket Pod unit, 7
  • Flares

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