The AV-8B Harrier II is a 4th generation aircraft and is the 2nd generation of Harrier V/STOL combat aircraft. Like the first Harriers the aircraft is not capable of supersonic flight (in fact with the bigger wing the Harrier II is marginally slower). The Harrier II was developed by McDonnell Douglas for the U.S. Marine Corps who were looking to expand the capabilities of the earlier Harrier. The Harrier II has greater load carrying capability and more fuel than the early Harriers. Also in its AV-8B+ version it has an APG-70 radar from the F/A-18C Hornet.


Class: Multi-Role
Air to Air: 60%
Air to Ground: 60%
Speed: 25%
Armor: 75%
Handling: 70%


Low Payload - Carries reduced ammunition.
Versatile - Locks fast onto ground and air targets.
Thrust Vectoring - Thrust vectoring.


This aircraft uses:

  • Single standard cannon
  • Joint strike Missiles
  • Free-fall bomb
  • Rocket Pod unit
  • Radar Guided missiles
  • Cluster Bomb unit
  • Multi Target AA missiles
  • Flares/Chaff

Weapon PacksEdit

  • Ground Assault I - 120 Joint Strike missiles, 36 Free-fall bomb, 120 rocket pod unit, 5 flares
  • Multi-Role II - 120 Joint Strike missiles, 20 Radar Guided missiles, 28 Cluster Bomb unit, 5 flares
  • Air Domination - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 32 Multi Target AA missiles, 5 flares


  • Real Harriers can't break the sound barrier, but in H.A.W.X they can.

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