The F-15C Eagle is the predecessor to the F-15E Strike Eagle, Both of these aircraft were designed for an air superiority role which, in H.A.W.X, they fill very well once you have aquired the weapon packs. This aircraft is extremely well suited to online play, despite the fact it does not have All Aspects, due to the sheer range of the Radar guided and the Multi-AA Missles, However, it will fall short aganst the later planes that DO have all aspects, such as the F-15E Strike Eagle.


Class: Ground Support
Air to Air: 70%
Air to Ground: 50%
Speed: 85%
Armour: 60%


High Payload - This plane carries an increased amount of ammunition.


This aircraft uses:

  • Single standard Cannon
  • Joint Strike Missles
  • Multi-AA Missles
  • Flares/Chaff

Weapon PacksEdit

  • Air Domination I - 160 Joint Strike Missles, 52 Multi-AA Missles, 7 Flares
  • Long Range Interception I - 160 Joint Strike Missles, 35 Radar Guided Missles, 7 Flares
  • Long Range Interception III - 160 Joint Strike Missles,36 Multi-AA Missles, 24 Radar Guided Missles, 7 Flares

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