F4 2

F-4G Advanced Wild Weasel

Built by modifying redundant F-4E Phantom airframes the F-4G was the last in a long line of dedicated defence suppression aircraft. Its primary mission was to render enemy air defences ineffective either by jamming them (known as a 'soft kill') or be destroying them with specialized weapons such as the AGM-88 HARM ('hard kill').


Class: Ground Support
Air to Air: 40%
Air to Ground: 50%
Speed: 60%
Armour: 60%
Handling: 50%


Low Payload - This plane carries a reduced amount of ammunition.
Electronic Warfare - This plane has access to an Electronic Warfare pack in Versus.


This aircraft uses:

  • Single standard cannon
  • Joint Strike Missiles
  • Radar Guided Missiles
  • Free Fall Bombs
  • Cluster Bomb Unit
  • Flares/Chaff

Weapon PacksEdit

  • Adaptive I - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 14 Free Fall Bombs, 42 Radar Guided Missiles, 5 Flares
  • AG Supriority I - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 36 Free Fall Bombs, 36 Cluster Bomb Unit, 6 Flares
  • Ground Suppression - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 60 Free Fall Bombs, 5 Flares

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