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Overview Edit

The FB-22 Strike Raptor is a bomber version of the F-22 Raptor, It is single seated and twin engined, the main difference between the two aircraft is the Strike Raptors larger more swept back wing, which ends at the engine outlet at the rear of the aircraft.

Statistics Edit

Class: Ground Support
Air to Air: 60%
Air to Ground: 100%
Speed: 45%
Armour: 60%

Perks Edit

High Payload-Extra Missles/Bombs
Air to Ground Specialization-Lock-On time increased for ground targets.
Stealth-Lock-On takes longer to achive

Weaponry Edit

Single Cannon
Joint Strike Missles
Cluster Bombs
All Aspect Missles
Free Fall Bombs
Target Override Pod

Weapon Packs Edit

Close Air Support IIIEdit

160 Joint Strike Missles, 65 Free Fall Bombs, 55 All Aspect Missles, 7 Flares

AG Superiority IIEdit

160 Joint Strike Missles, 60 Cluster Bombs, 36 All Aspect Missles, 7 Flares

Level BombingEdit

160 Joint Strike Missles, 90 Cluster Bombs, 7 Flares

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