Default ControlsEdit

Action PS3
Plane Controls

Left Joystick

Yaw Left L1
Yaw Right R1
Accelerate R2
Brake L2
Camera Control Right Joystick
Switch Camera Mode


Enemy Camera (While targeting enemy)

Triangle (Hold)

Weapon Camera (after firing weapon) Cross (Hold)
Fire Weapon Cross
Fire Cannon Circle
Switch Target Triangle
Switch Weapon D-pad Up/own
Assistance ON/OFF 2x Tap L2/R2
ERS Square
Flares L3
Order Wingman Attack D-pad Left
Order Wingman Defend D-pad Right
Voice Command L1+R1
TacMap/Radar Select
Pause Menu Start
Pitch Up N/A
Pitch Down N/A
Roll Left N/A
Roll Right N/A
Message All Players N/A
Message All Friendly Players N/A

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