Russian MiG-23

The MiG-23 Flogger is a Russian multi-role aircraft designed by the Mikoyan design bureau.


The MiG-23 was designed to be a better overall plane than is predecessor, the MiG-21. It came with better handling, speed, and radar. The Flogger was also designed to counter the American F-4 and F-111.


The MiG-23 did take part in many Middle-Eastern wars such as the many conflicts with Israel, the Irag-Iran war, and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.


The MiG-23 did make an full appearence in HAWX 2. Originally the Flogger could not be flown by the player in HAWX 1 but the MiG-23 was later included in the "Russian Falcons" DLC pack.

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