The Saab JAS-39 Gripen in HAWX


The Saab JAS 39 Gripen (English: Griffin) is a lightweight fighter aircraft manufactured by the Swedish aerospace company Saab (not to be confused with the car maker of the same name, which is another branch of the Saab company). Gripen International acts as a prime contracting organization and is responsible for marketing, selling and supporting the Gripen fighter around the world. The aircraft is in service with the Swedish Air Force, the Czech Air Force, the Hungarian Air Force and the South African Air Force, and has been ordered by the Royal Thai Air Force. A total of 236 Gripens have been ordered as of

Within Hawx - Especially online, The Gripen handles well and is a good mid-high level aircraft, Once Mastered, this aircraft is one to be feared online.


Class: Multirole
Air to Air: 80%
Air to Ground: 60%
Armor: 60%
Handling: 80%


This aircraft uses:

  • Single standard cannon
  • Joint Strike Missiles
  • Multi Target AA Missiles
  • AAspect Missles
  • Radar Guided missles
  • Flares

Weapon PacksEdit

  • Light Assault - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 24 Multi Target AA Missiles, 40 All Aspect Missiles, 5 Flares
  • Adaptive II - 120 Joint Strike Missiles, 32 Multi Target AA Missiles, 5 Flares
  • Ground Assault II - 120 Joint Strikes Missiles, 28 Multi Target AA Missiles , 100 Rocket Pod unit, 5 Flares

Sources: Wikipedia: [1] and Official H-A-W-X site, [2]


In designing the aircraft, several layouts were studied. Saab ultimately selected a canard design with relaxed stability. The canard configuration gives a high onset of pitch rate and low drag, enabling the aircraft to be faster, have longer range and carry a larger payload.

It is also a favourite plane among those who built this site.

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