Su-47 30

Russian Su-47

The Su-47 Berkut is an Air Superiority Fighter designed by Sukhoi.


One of the Su-47's defining characteristics are its forward angled wings. This is the first combat fighter to have this feature. The forward swept wings was seen on early, paper-only predecessor, Sukhoi S-22, which conception was later copied and realized on Grumman X-29. It is very maneuverable therefore making it Russia's premier dogfighter.


The Su-47 has never seen any combat. But it has proved to be a superior aircraft in flight tests. Only one has ever been produced as a technological demonstrator.


The Berkut made a full appearence in both HAWX 1 and HAWX 2.

Statistics Edit

Class:Air Superiority Fighter.
Air to Air: %97
Air to Ground: %85
Speed: %96
Armour: %

Weaponry Edit

Single Cannon
Joint Strike Missles
Radar Guided Missles
All Aspect Missles