The XA-20 Razorback is a fictional strike fighter seen in Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X but was first seen in Tom Clancy's EndWar. Like most aircraft in H.A.W.X , it is a single seat, twin-engined aircraft. The primary role of the aircraft is stealth ground support. Online, the aircraft performs awesomely, as its main role is Ground Attack/Air superiority.

Stats Edit

Class: Ground Support
Air to Air: 80%
Air to Ground: 100%
Speed: 80%
Armour: 100%

Perks Edit

Stable - This plane enters stall slowly
Air to Ground Specialization - Plane locks on very fast to ground targets.
Stealth - The plane is harder to lock on by the enemy.

Weapons Edit

This aircraft uses:

  • Single standard Cannon
  • Joint Strike Missiles
  • Cluster Bombs
  • All Aspect Missiles
  • Free Fall Bombs
  • Multi-AG Missiles
  • Rockets
  • Flares/Chaff

Weapon Packs Edit

  • Close Air Support III - 140 Joint Strike Missles, 50 Free Fall Bombs, 48 All Aspect Missles, 5 Flares
  • Ground Assault II - 140 Joint Strike Missles, 48 Cluster Bombs, 140 All Aspect Missles, 5 Flares
  • Precision Bombing - 140 Joint Strike Missles, 40 Mutli-AG's, 5 Flares

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